Dr. William Brown Wireless Power Beaming Tests (YouTube)

There are many videos showing experiments of Wireless Power Beaming available on YouTube, most all mention either the 1964 Raytheon Microwave Helicopter experiments or the 1975 JPL Goldstone tests. The official NASA JPL Goldstone PR video alone has over 40 thousand views on YouTube. We have something extra to add to the collection.

In the 1980’s the manager of the projects, who many rightly name as “The Man Behind Microwave Power Beaming,” SSI Senior Advisor Dr. Bill Brown of Raytheon Labs, made a special version of videos of those tests featuring his own voiceover for a more technically interested audience. The Space Studies Institute is very proud to bring this SSI Engineering classic back to the public. Please tell others about it.

Cordially, The Space Studies Institute


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