This proposed network of urban, rural, and wilderness sites operating under the moniker of Páirc-Tintrí /Lightning Park/ form an Experiential Test Environment and Public Demonstrator for Infrastructure beginning with the modelling of transportation ecosystems.

These community-centric, public usability laboratories will feature prominently in previewing the work of OccultAlloy (Wireless Power Transfer) and ArTintrí (Ecocentric Transportation) missions of Fleet Réalta Corps.

OccultAlloy, ArTintrí, and other related communities of practice are responsible for developing Safe, Secure, Resilient, Adaptive Wireless Power Transfer; Electromotive Vehicle Ecosystems from development to application; and a Zero Trust/Trust Personalization framework for Transportation on Demand Management, and related critical infrastructure in close partnership with resident communities.

The form of this proposed Private + Public engagement is a variant of Participation Action Research + Design Thinking, informed by Environmental Psychology with corresponding Ecological Groupwork.

It all about understanding in context. A consideration sorely lacking today in projects presumed in the public interest yet time after time seem completely out of touch with the experience of the working poor.