Fendt e100 Vario Electric Farm Tractor

With regular and fast-charging facilities and the ability to power implements via a power take-off shaft or electric motors, Fendt claims the e100 Vario is the first viable farm tractor with battery power.

The energy source is a 650v high-capacity lithium-ion battery with a capacity of around 100kWh housed beneath the hood.

Its 50kW power output – equivalent to almost 70hp – can be sustained for 5 hours under normal working conditions, says Fendt, and with a ‘supercharging’ option, the battery can be 80% re-charged in about 40 minutes.

A new energy-efficient thermal management system uses an electrical heat pump for air conditioning the cab and the battery and control electronics. Pre-heating in winter and cab cooling in summer can be performed while the tractor is connected to the power supply for added operator comfort.

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